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Z5101 Short Stroke Cylinder

Z5101 Short Stroke Cylinder


Double action short stroke cylinder.

Max temp 180c.

Max pressure 200 bar.

– Short-stroke cylinders must only be loaded

– All bores and feed lines must be free of metal
particles and other impurities.

– If metal particles do remain in the bores and
the cylinders develop a leak, the hydraulic fluid
feed line must be cleaned as far as the filter of
the injection moulding machine.

– The parts moved by the cylinders (split moulds,
plates, etc.) must also be guided otherwise the
seals in the cylinders may be damaged.

– Seals can only be replaced by the manufacturer in
the factory. Other maintenances are not necessary.

– The maximum mould temperature must not exceed
100 °C or 180 °C (see type).

– The screw threads can be produced using W8622,
M26x1, M38x1 or M50x1 screw taps.

– The screw taps are available from stock.

– Piston rod and housing hardened and ground.

– Easy assembly: screwed in by means of a face

– Type Z5100 only for machines with open oil
return line

Click on this link for more details and full operating instructions.

A new window will open with a PDF file which you can download.

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