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Vega's 450 Cylinder Cartridge

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The cartridge on Vega Cylinders' V450 is screwed tightly in place, and together with the use of an O-Ring and backup ring, it allows optimal sealing even under high pressure.

While the V400 offers just the same kind of cartridge, requiring a dedicated thread on top of the piston chamber, we have also designed another alternative, considering the nature of this product.

The most common way of fixing accessories on molds is using flanges, and this is exactly what this cartridge is about. Instead of using a thread, its sides have been extended just enough to create four clamping holes, therefore locking the cartridge is only a matter of clamping it with four screws, making everything easier for the maintenance team.

Hales are the official UK distributor for Vega parts. For a quote, contact our sales team via email or over the phone and we'll be happy to help find what you're looking for!

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