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V270CG Self Locking Cylinder

Vega has always been very proud of its self-locking workhorse, the V260 CF. This cylinder offers incredible strength, reliability, and helps many mold makers worldwide save space and money by substituting complex mechanisms, thanks to its extremely small footprint and pre-load capability.

But for Vega, this wasn’t enough.

At a quick glance, the V270 CG and the V260 CF look very much alike, except maybe for the brass-colored cap at the bottom. But that detail is a hint to the deep changes made to the design.

Let’s have a look inside. First of all, its body is no longer made up by two separate sections, but is now integrated. This alone is a breakthrough for our customers; it means much easier tooling, therefore faster delivery times and huge price reduction.

The new body is not only integrated, but also passthrough. Whereas the V260 CF needed spacers to obtain intermediate strokes, and was limited to short ones, the V270 CG can be easily manufactured according to your special requirements.

Due to its highly precise nature, the old V260 has been one of the first cylinders in our lineup to sport inductive switches, sensing the subtle deviation of a pin reaching down inside of the body. This solution has since reduced moving parts and, therefore, possible points of breaking, but still required a quite complex setup on the mold.

On the V270 we brought this concept further. Inductive switches now reach directly inside of the body, as close as possible to the moving masses. This brings the number of mechanical parts down to zero, and what’s better, is already set up by Vega when leaving the factory, taking off this burden from the mold makers.

Being an evolution of the V260, the new V270 gets to use all of the already existing technologies. For example, the optional elastic safety seal keeps the cylinder locked at the rod-inside position, protecting the operators when the mould is open.

The self-locking system uses the same reliable method as the latest CFs, also permitting a pre-load of the rod to avoid burs on the molded piece when used appropriately.

To help with this complex setup, Vega offers its pre-loading flange, making it easy to mount the cylinder and regulate the correct pre-load for your application.

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