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V450CP Integrated Cooling Heavy Duty for Die Casting

The toughest environments for hydraulic cylinders are undoubtedly die-casting moulds. That's why, in the past, it made sense to use the toughest of our products, the V450 CM, for such applications. As we followed our customers in their setups, though, we understood that various improvements could be made to make the CM even more adapt to the challenge of high temperatures and high pressures.

These improvements make up the V450 CP, and they're a huge breakthrough for both plastic moulding and die-casting.

A big tradition on plastic presses for the hydraulic circuit is, of course, mineral-based fluid. On die-casting presses, though, this choice isn't always the most advisable, due to its nasty habit of catching fire with high temperatures.

The most common alternative is a water-glycol solution, which corrodes seals very quickly, unless they're made of very specific materials. Our V450 xCP comes in both flavors, being compatible with either hydraulic oil or water-glycol mixture. 

We all know that temperatures inside of a press can get quite hot, therefore being able to cool some parts of the mould down can help with maintenance in the long run, and even allow the survival of some components, such as mechanical switches.

Vega developed an extremely compact solution for this: an integrated cartridge cooling, able to drop temperatures down by 50 °C on the body of the cylinder. This will increase lifetime for both seals and switches, and being entirely integrated in the cylinder, it will not add any bulk. All you need is a low-pressure circuit with hydraulic oil or water-glycol mixture.

Once you already get a cooling fluid inside of the cylinder, why not make the best of it? This other solution directs the cooling oil/mixture not just through the whole rod, which is usually the hottest part of the assembly, but even through what ever component is linked to the rod (being pins, cores or slides) via an open circuit at the end.

This makes the V450 CP a convenient cooling spot for many components of the mold, saving space and helping lower overall temperatures.

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