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V250CE Block Cylinder for Short Strokes

There are applications for which you don’t need extreme strength or specific features, but only reliability and compactness. This is exactly what the V250 is; an alluminium light weight cylinder, featuring magnetic sensors and taking up just as little space as possible.

They have been engineered to use standard components, always readily available in our stock; this is why Vega can guarantee extremely quick delivery, getting you back to work in no time. And mass production also means lower prices, effectively making it the “Ford T” of cylinders.

Standardized materials and low cost are no excuse for poor quality, however; like all our other products, we include the best ring seals, every component is checked against our standards for materials and tolerance, and just before shipping, we test each cylinder under hydraulic pressure.

In the many years of cylinder making, Vega has analyzed the whole range of configurations asked by our customers, and has come up with a list of the most requested mounting, rod end types, oil ports, and much more. Now, thanks to the high standardization and rapid production allowed by the V250, Vega is able to always have a readily available stock of the most common cylinders.

What does this practically mean? First of all, these configurations are what thousands of customers regularly use, and therefore their reliability is tested over and over, every time one of them is put to work on a mould. Second, being produced on large quantities, we are able to cut down production costs and consequently their final price to the customer, without compromising their quality, which Vega is known for.

While alluminum is a great material for many work cases, allowing the use of magnetic switches, low weight and low prices, it has its drawbacks. One of them is its resistance to heat.

This is where our thermal insulating plates come at hand. They cover the whole surface of the cylinder body, either its front/back or its bottom/top, depending on its clamping style, and insulate it from the surface of the mold. Thanks to them, the V250 can withstand up to 240 °C continuously or 280 °C for short times.

Moreover, such plates help with clamping, reducing the workload on the screws.

The V250 might be compact, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t offer one of the best characteristics of our products, stroke-end magnetic switches.

We have added a rail on top of the body to lodge two very compact magnetic sensors. They can be repositioned as needed, and have a minimum overhead, keeping the whole assembly as small as possible.

As all our other sensors, they can be controlled with the SIM 08 connection box.

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