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Mastip Technology's Liquid Sillicone Rubber Systems

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Mastip provides a customized Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) cold deck valve gated solution with proven cooling and heating technology. Mastip cold decks are optimized to shorten cycle times while producing high quality parts.

Key Features

• Cooled plates ensure silicone remains liquid

• Cooling channels in the nozzle for delivery of material in optimum condition

• Cavity mounting plate heated with Mastip Technology Limited proven heater technology

• Insulation board to thermally insulate the cooled plates from heated plates

• Hardened side lock guides to control the thermal expansion between the heated
and cooled plates

• Valve gate technology to precisely control the liquid silicone at the gate

• Thermally insulated electrical terminal mounting box for heated plates

More Information can be found here -

Hales Tooling has our very own Carl Martin representing all Mastip related projects. For a quote or technical assistance, contact Carl via email or over the phone!

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Carl's Mobile - 07984 340485

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