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V450CM Block Cylinder- Heavy Duty

There are applications for which many cylinders don’t make the cut. For example, on die-casting moulds, high temperatures and high workloads would break most products to pieces.

Starting from V250, Vega has designed its bigger brother, the V450.

Its key role is to cover such specific situations; its body is made of high resistance alloy steel, compared to the alluminum of its sibling, and it allows up to 450 bar of pressure. While both cylinders feature the same high quality ring seals, the V450 also has a spheroidal cast iron cartridge, giving a tighter fit on the rod; it handles the same job as the wear rings thanks to its auto-lubricant properties, while being more resistant to heat and wear. Moreover, by maintaining the same basic structure of the V250, its modularization allows low prices and short delivery times.

But the evolution doesn’t stop there.

One of the weakest spots in a typical cylinder is the piston-rod joint. The core of the rod gets thinner at the thread which hosts the piston, and that compromises its strength when the rod flexes under load.

Our engineers have come up with the optimal solution for such a heavy duty cylinder – integrating rod and piston into a single unit. Besides being milled as one, our special rod-piston group has a tensile strength of around 100÷120 daN/mm2 and receives a superficial hardening of HV1 600÷700. And of course, it is fitted with our standard, high-quality ring seals and guide rings.

Designing the V450, we wanted to make sure that every part could withstand the high pressure needed for its operation without risks, and the most critical component is the body. A poor choice of material could cause micro-fissures which, in turn, bring leakage and reduced performance. A miscalculation of the required thickness may lead to the same result. Therefore, we only use a special alloy steel in our V450, and make sure the sides have enough “meat” in relation to the maximum pressure.

Construction quality, like all our cylinders, is paramount; for longer strokes we make use of SFC Koenig Expanders® to guarantee optimal sealing of oil supply holes. We also have introduced a new system for O-Ring oil ports, allowing a more sustained flow, and created a ridge for the O-Ring itself, to prevent it from moving.

Because of the all-steel body of the V450, the use of magnetic sensors is clearly out of question. The solution is using mechanical switches, and we have done everything to create the most compact and reliable kit. Our new X and Y options take up just barely more space as needed for the control shaft, our T and V options can reach temperatures up to 180 °C, and to reduce height, the P, V and Z options place switches on the bottom of the cylinder, taking up less height.

They are guaranteed to work up to ten million cycles, and they all play nice with our SIM 08 connection box.

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