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V500CZ Block Cylinder- High Speed

There comes a time when industry standards need a revolution. Block cylinders have been used for more than three decades, and few things have changed since their introduction; they have always been the more compact but less capable alternative when compared to tie rod cylinders. Can this be changed? Can a block cylinder offer the same performance as their cumbersome counterpart, but maintaining all its compactness and convenience?

The answer is called V500 CZ.

The starting point for our V500 CZ was the closest similar, the V450 CM; due to the way it’s built, though, that cylinder has very limited stroke options, making medium to long strokes quite difficult to manufacture and, therefore, expensive for the customer.

We have solved this issue on the V500 CZ by using a pass-through body with a tightly sealed cap at the end, granting the same heavy-duty V450 CM performances that our customers know and love, but with reduced costs and much greater flexibility.

While we were at it, we decided to re-think the external dimensioning, to make the V500 CZ compatible with most of other manufacturers’ products. This means you can simplify the mould making phase, and choose top performance without changing your project.

Since there are competitors who offer products with the same dimensioning, why choose our V500 CZ? Simple: 1 m/s.

This is the speed that the V500 CZ can reach with any type of port, included manifold delivery. It’s a breakthrough in how O-Ring ports are conceived; a new, patent-pending technology that we called SpeedPorts. Thanks to this innovation, load losses are negligible even when compared to threaded ports.

What’s the result? Outstanding speeds for your injection process. Imagine being able to potentially cut in half your production times. The V500 CZ can reach speeds up to 1 m/s with an unloaded rod, even on low oil pressure. The closest block cylinder of comparable size on the market barely reaches 0.5 m/s under the same conditions.

Another improvement involves the male rod end. While many manufacturers add a screw accessory to the female rod end to obtain its male counterpart, Vega offers it in one piece, reducing the risks of unwanted breakage.

There are cases where the workload of the mould is so high that the machine needs to reach high speeds to keep up with it. In turn, all cylinders need to move very quickly, but the high energy reached can cause the piston to hit the back and front so hard that it will simply break. This is where cushioning comes to play.

The cushioning system works by forcing oil to pass in a smaller passage before getting to the port, therefore increasing pressure inside the chamber, and slowing down the piston at the very end of the stroke. This way, the cylinder can withstand higher speeds without risks of failure due to the high impact energy, since its cushioning absorbs all the excessive force.

This feature is standard in our tie rod cylinders, but thanks to the revolution introduced by SpeedPorts, it makes perfect sense to implement this technology on the V500 CZ too, which is a first in block cylinders. It’s thanks to cushioning that it can reach speeds up to 1 m/s (as opposed to 0.1 m/s without cushioning).

Of course, we made sure the system is very easy to set up; all you need to do to regulate how much cushioning you want is close or open a little screw at either end of the cylinder and then lock it in place with a security nut we provide.

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