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V210CS Unscrewing Device

The high design versatility of the V220 is a great starting point for the creation of the V210 CS. This cylinder has been specifically designed for actuating threaded cores, while also allowing the typical compactness and efficiency of a cylinder by Vega. Being entirely based on one of our most popular cylinders, this means its delivery times are comparable to those of the V220, and using the same components for the most part, you can safely bet on its quality and reliability.

So how does it work?

The rod is linked to one or two racks, which move together with it. Those racks slide inside rails clamped to the sides of the cylinder (the whole assembly is made of special and hardened steel, up to the level of the other materials). The component which needs to be screwed or unscrewed is then synchronized to the rack, so that by moving, it will actuate that component as well. A number of different module options are available for virtually any application.

It goes without saying that the V210 can be fitted with the same sensors in use for the V220, for the optimal control of its cycle.

On applications for which the V210 is designed, you may need to refine the stroke of the piston, and consequently how much the cylinder will unscrew, by very small steps. Ordering the right stroke right from the purchase might be hard to do, if not impossible.

The V210 features a rear cap with an adjustable part, so that it effectively moves the starting position of the cylinder, allowing for a perfect alignment. Also, oil ports can be positioned directly on the rear cap, to keep the whole control assembly on the bottom, without taking up too much space.

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