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V220CC Block Cylinder for Long & Custom Strokes

Undoubtedly, one of the best features of tie rod cylinders is that, because of their construction, you can choose any length for the stroke. Their big disadvantage is that they take up much more space than a compact of the same stroke. On the other hand, compact cylinders allow mould designers to save space, but they don’t give the same versatility.

Meet V220 CC, the best of the both worlds.

We create a body with a through bore hole, of any length the customer desires, and then seal the two ends with thin but resilient caps, giving it the same size of a comparable compact cylinder. The two caps (of which one has an integrated cartridge) are then held against the body by five screws each, with a specific torque. Of course, as with our other cylinders, top-notch materials are used: chrome-plated and polished alloy steel rod, PTFE and carbo-graphite ring seals, and high-resistance 7075 alluminium alloy body. Their construction quality is verified by testing every cylinder before it’s shipped to our customers.


One of the most common clamping formats for compact cylinders is the keyway. This type of clamping relies on four through holes and a key that slides inside a slot created between the mould and the cylinder, avoiding longitudinal displacements during the injection.

Being a cylinder with a user-defined stroke, the V220 can be built to the customer’s specifications, and that includes the placement of such a slot and through holes. This comes as a standard option during configuration, and puts mould designers in the position of choosing exactly where the cylinder will be clamped, instead of being constrained to what the manufacturer decided, and without the need for special requests and consequentially longer delivery times.

Like all products in our lineup, the V220 comes with sensors to control the piston position relative to the full stroke. And of course, being a compact cylinder, we took care in creating a solution that would keep the cylinder compact even when using them.

To achieve this, we developed a magnetic switch with a reduced height of 28 mm, and what’s better, we embedded it directly inside the body, using a groove running along its length, which lets it out only for 20 mm. The special alluminium alloy of which the body is made allows sensors to catch magnetic fields from the piston, while at the same time maintaining the strength needed for its role.

The switches can be positioned anywhere along the groove, allowing fine control over where they should send their signals from. And of course, they work with our SIM 08 connection box.

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