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Vega Hydraulic Cylinders

Italian Excellence.

Italy is famous all over the world for the exceptional quality of its artisanal products, be it fine wine, elite supercars or fancy leather shoes. Vega works with the same mindset as these manufacturers of first-class excellence.

Our headquarters is located near Milan, one of the European capitals for both technology and art. These two areas merge in Vega as one: the art of cylinder making.

In fact, in the past 30 years of activity, our mission has always been creating high quality products, which in turn allows our customers to maximize their use of resources.

In today’s world, it’s easy for a mold maker to find standard block cylinders, since there are plenty of manufacturers on the market. One can easily range from cheaper ones, to more high-quality and reliable cylinders (like ours). But what if your needs are a bit more complex?

Since Vega is not a reseller, but a manufacturer, we have full control over our cylinders. This also means that, for us, it’s a breeze to build our products exactly the way you want: custom strokes, custom clamping, special seals. If you can name it, we can make it.