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Vega's V220CC Hydraulic Cylinder

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Undoubtedly, one of the best features of tie rod cylinders is that, because of their construction, you can choose any length for the stroke. Their big disadvantage is that they take up much more space than a compact of the same stroke. On the other hand, compact cylinders allow mold designers to save space, but they don’t give the same versatility.

Meet V220 CC, the best of the two worlds.

Vega create a body with a passing-through bore hole, of any length the customer desires, and then seal the two ends with thin but resilient caps, giving it the same size of a comparable compact cylinder.

The two caps (of which one has an integrated cartridge) are then held against the body by five screws each, with a specific torque.

Of course, as with their other cylinders, top-notch materials are used: chrome-plated and polished alloy steel rod, PTFE and carbo-graphite ring seals, and high-resistance 7075 aluminium alloy body. Their construction quality is verified by testing every cylinder before it’s shipped out to customers.

Hales are the official UK supplier for Vega products. Contact our sales team for a quote today either via email or over the phone!

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