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Mastip's SX Nozzle Technology

Hales Mastip Nozzle SX System Technology

With two heaters, Mastip Technology Limited's SX nozzle is perfectly suited for all single nozzle applications. Independently controlled heater zones provide uniform temperature distribution along the length of the nozzle, making it ideal to process difficult plastics.

Mould Design;

Ability to easily order special length nozzles
Shares the same gate profiles as MX and BX
Consistent nozzle lengths across the X-Range
Ability to mould large parts with smaller nozzles due to optimum flow characteristics

If you're looking fo a Single Nozzle for your system, then contact our team at Hales and we'll be happy to help find what you need.

Learn more about Mastip's Single Nozzles here -

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  • Jorge Acuña on

    hi ,I need to find a electrical sprue BX25237

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