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Vega's V250 Hydraulic Cylinder

Cylinders Hales Hydraulic Vega

There are applications for which you don’t need extreme strength or specific features, but only reliability and compactness. This is exactly what the V250 is; an aluminium light weight cylinder, featuring magnetic sensors and taking up just as little space as possible.

They have been engineered to use standard components, always readily available in Vega Cylinders' stock; this is why they can guarantee extremely quick delivery, getting you back to work in no time. And mass production also means lower prices, effectively making it the “Ford T” of cylinders.

Standardized materials and low cost are no excuse for poor quality, however; like all our other products, we include the best ring seals, every component is checked against our standards for materials and tolerance, and just before shipping, we test each cylinder under hydraulic pressure.

For enquiries on Vega products, contact our sales team either via email or over the phone and we'll be happy to help!

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